A Letter in Tribute to Cyrus

Cyrus Towfiq at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC, in 1958

Cyrus Towfiq Memorial

Dear Cyrus,

Almost ten years ago I met your son, Shidan, and we started a life together. Part of his life is his large and loving family that you were central to. The first time I met you I recognized in Shidan the wonderful qualities that had come directly from you. Your generosity, passion for learning, selflessness, loyalty to family & friends, and endless capacity for love are some of what I love most about your son.

Last week we surprised you with a visit the night before Shidan's surgery and the genuine surprise and joy in seeing us will always warm my heart when I think of that moment. I will always be honored that you trusted me and chose me to help care for you and help ease your pain in your final days. I know that you are now at peace and that you will live on in your son, daughter and granddaughters, that your spirit will be with us always in times that we need your guidance, wisdom, comfort or love. I will miss you dearly and will cherish the memories I have of you. I will forever miss your warm smile, your ever-present love and your voice when you'd greet me with "Hello Honey." Know that you are loved by many, and that we will all honor your memory by loving and caring for each other as you would have wanted. With a heavy heart I say I love you, and Good-bye Honey...


Margaret Towfiq