Letters from Family and Friends

Cyrus Towfiq at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC, in 1958

Cyrus Towfiq Memorial

From: Farnoosh Etemad, Cyrus’ niece, daughter of Vahideh living in Ontario, Canada

Dearest Shidan and Mandana,

With much love and prayers we write to express our deepest condolences to you on the passing of your father. I am very sorry that this has happened so soon, our prayers are with you all.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for me or Vahideh joon to participate in the funeral or the memorial gathering. As you know, Vahideh joon is not able to leave the house, and I am taking care of her. But I am happy that we were able to see Cyrus Khan and you last September.

The arrangement that you have decided upon is very good, and I wish I could have come. We are going to hold a memorial meeting for Cyrus khan here.

We pray that Baha'u'llah helps you both in this difficult time.

With much love,

From: Nousha Etemad, daughter of Farnoosh, living in Ottowa, Canada

Dearest Mandana and Shidan jan,

Vargha and I send our deepest sympathy and heartfelt prayers to you and your families at this very difficult time. May Baha'u'llah grant you patience and consolation, and may your dear father's soul progress and attain great joy in the Abha Kingdom.

We joined you in prayers last night as soon as we heard the news that dear Cyrus khan was not well, and will continue to keep him in our prayers.

Much love,
Nousha & Vargha

From: Elham Alaie, daughter of Cyrus’ sister Gazzal, living in the Netherlands

Dearest Shidan and Mandana Jan,

Wish to share with you my deepest sympathy and condolences for the passing of your dear father, my uncle Cyrus Jan whom I always respected for his virtues of eloquent speech and writing, his immense efforts of uniting family and gathering and publishing al the information for the family tree magazine Shahksar for years.

Although not have been able to meet him personally the past years, I was happy to talk to him some time ago by phone, and was so surprised by his young voice, his special interest in family and his precise and vivid memory for every detail and name.

His love and services will always stay in my heart; I will pray in his memory.

May his soul be happy in the Abha Kingdom.

Love, Elham Alaie

From: Lila Alai-Panahi, daughter of Cyrus’ sister Gazzal, living in Germany

Dearest Mandana and Shidan,

Through dear Farnoush-joon we were informed about our dear uncles imminent passing.

We are grateful to you for your consideration to letting us know in time.

We regret to let you know that we will not be able to come.

However we are praying fervently that his detached soul may soar free to the abode of his Beloved and join with his cherished loved ones who went before him.

We hold you and all our dear relatives in our prayers.

Here in Germany we too will hold a memorial for his outstanding and bright soul.

Lila Alai-Panahi

From: Leili Towfigh, daughter of Cyrus’ cousin Keyvan, living on the East Coast

Dearest Mandy and Shidan and families,

We were so sad to hear about Uncle Cyrus' passing. I was actually up all night working on a deadline, and so was thinking about him and was awake when he passed away.

Mandy, thank you so much for your thoughtful and organized email yesterday about the funeral and the memorial. Honestly, it will probably be quite difficult for the East Coast Towfiqs to make it out, which we are sad about.

This evening, Mum, Dad and I had a little devotional meeting in Uncle Cyrus' honor, and we talked about his incredible mind and his very sweet heart. He always has been a shining example in the greater family of someone who marshaled his talents and capabilities in service. I know you are so proud of him. It is really sad that he will not see the new baby in this plane, Mandy, and I know you all must be thinking about that. I like to think of Uncle Cyrus (and Uncle Nurollah as well) playing with the grandchildren from the next world, without pain and suffering and restrictions.

Our hearts are with you all.

Much love,

From: Kourosh Ashkon


I would like to express my condolences on the passing of Mr. Cyrus Towfiq. May Baha'u'llah illumine his radiant soul in the Abha Kingdom.

Kourosh Ashkon

Date: 7/18/09

To the family and friends of Dr. Cyrus Towfiq.

I am very sad to hear the passing of Dr. Cyrus Towfiq. Please accept my sincere condolences.

I learned to know Dr. Cyrus Taufiq while I was writing my book: Iranian Bahá'ís from Jewish Background. He was of great help to me by his publication Shakhsar and his personal advice. Every time I would encounter a problem he would graciously provide me with information and necessary guidance.

He was indeed an expert in the history of the Bahá'í Faith and will be missed greatly.

May God Bless his soul and glorify his station.

Arsalan Geula, PhD., MD.

From: Glenn Tarr, father-in-law of Mandana

To the Towfiq family and friends.

We from the Tarr family would like to extend our condolences, and our most heartfelt sorrow in the lose of such a good and loved man.

Cyrus, you have climbed the steps to heaven. You by all accounts have lived a good life. You have loved and cherished your children, and probably many more people that you have touched over the years. To a very good man we say, rest in peace. And continue to spread your love to all that join you. We hear on earth will strive to have our own good lives, love our children and be the best that we can be. You will always be remembered by those that love you and those that have known you. Look down on us and know that.

I for one would like to thank you for sharing Mandana with our Son, John, and making his life a much better one. We again say you will be missed, and loved. Rest in peace Cyrus.

Glenn Tarr

Mandana has received many expressions of condolence and support from her friends. She wanted to share this one in particular, which illustrates the kind of impact her father had on people. This message came from someone she knew in grade school, and has only recently re-connected with after more than 20 years:

"Mandy, my thoughts are with you and your family. I remember your dad coming to our classroom in 2nd or 3rd grade and being very distinguished and kind."


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Shidan Towfiq